About Michelle

Ello there world. Welcome to Wonderland, where all our endeavours involve reading awesome books! My name is Michelle Kumar and I’m just one awesome dork that loves to read. This blog was made out of love for books, hope for interesting memories, and…..wait for it…..FUN!

About myself….well, as you can see I love books. I read books whenever I can and that’s all the time. The books I read are mostly Young Adult and Teen. My favourite genres to read are fantasy, adventure, historical fiction, dystopia, and steampunk(steampunk and adventure are somewhat my most favourite though). I only read contemporary sometimes on occasions as a break and also because they aren’t all that bad their pretty good at times. But of course I don’t spend all my time reading books, when I’m not reading I’m watching awesome T.V shows. These “awesome T.V shows” as I call it consist of Adventure Time with Finn and Jake (What time is it? Adventure Time!), How I Met Your Mother ( This show is absolutely hilarious!), Murdoch Mysteries (because I love the Victorian era and I’m Canadian like that, eh?), Pretty Little Liars and Museum Secrets( I just really love history, facts, truth and museums).

Just like what my Co- Website maker and Blogger (Caryl) said this blog is made out of two dorks: Caryl and I (Michelle). Only rarely finding others who read as much as us we concluded that we shall share our thoughts and comments, not just between ourselves, but to the others out there that share the same crazy addiction as us. I hope you enjoy our reviews!

You can contact us at:

Hotmail: dorksinwonderland@hotmail.com


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