About Caryl

Hello there fellow blogger or viewers. Welcome to Wonderland! My friends call me AwesomeFace, but you guys can call me Caryl Santos. What you have stumbled upon on this glorious day is; hopefully, one of the best damn book blogs ever. I’m nothing but any other dork who loves to read. This blog was created in a rain filled November afternoon and hopefully I can say that a couple of years from now when I’ll hopefully still blogging.

Let me tell you guys a little more about myself! As you can probably tell by the fact that I made this blog, I’m am completely and utterly addicted to books. I usually read Young Adult books, but my favorite genres are urban fantasy, fantasy, contemporary, dystopian, action-packed, romance, and fantasy! (Yes I just love reading fantasy that much.) Not only is my bookshelf my life, my iPod is too. I am nothing without music. In any given afternoon you can probably spot me in my dad’s recliner reading a good book whilst listening to Pierce the Veil or The Maine. If I’m not reading or working on homework; darn those teachers!;  you can probably spot me in front of the TV watching movies!

As you have probably already read, this blog is called “Dorks in Wonderland”, and no I did not make a spelling error by adding the “S”. You’ve probably already guessed it, I am only one of the dorks that runs this website! That’s right,  I said it. There’s two of us! Check out my Co- Website maker/ Blogger’s Info page! ( her link’s right beside mine! 😉 )

This blog is and will most definitely always be dedicated to not only mine, but my friend’s addiction to books. Being avid readers my friend and I have been searching everywhere for others who share the same addiction as us. Having families who don’t support our addiction for novels doesn’t really help either. We’ll take it upon ourselves to intrude and share our thoughts about the various books we’ve read. I can honestly say we only started this blog because we needed a place to share our thoughts apart form our own conversations. So I hope you guys will take it upon yourselves to read our reviews and actually enjoy it, because i know i enjoy telling all you complete strangers what I thought about it.

I do warn you that we’re still in High School and are pretty young, so forgive our poor grammar and childish interests! We’re not afraid to say that we’re beginners! Enjoy!

You guys can contact us at :

Hotmail: dorksinwonderland@hotmail.com
Twitter: @MsCarylS


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